You Were Given 100 BILLION Brain Cells, You Should Learn How to Use Them…

Your 100 billion neurons are capable of incredible feats of learning – if used properly.

Unfortunately, the world rarely gives you what you need to make the most of that squishy mass between your ears.

Even though we have billions of brain cells at our disposal, we don’t make the most of this incredible gift that’s been given to us.

It’s not your fault.

Schools tend to focus more on memorizing formulas and passing tests.

Employers only care about how much someone can make them – which means they aren’t interested in dedicating time and resources to making sure you can improve.

Both are institutions designed to make you into a certain kind of person: an obedient slave.

Obedient workers in a factory

Neither schools or jobs encourage or even want you to learn how to learn - they want you to do what you’re told.

These societal institutions are in place because learning is the ultimate skill, and emphasizing real learning breaks the cycle of creating new worker drones.

I call it a “metaskill” because it feeds into every other kind of skill you can imagine.

Want to get better at swinging a baseball bat? Learning how to learn will help.

Want to become a chess grandmaster? Getting better at learning will help.

Looking to pick up a new language? Learning how to learn will help.

See the pattern here?

Unfortunately, the road to getting better at learning is littered with obstacles…

If You’re Having Problems Learning, Chances Are You’re Making At Least 1 of These Mistakes…

If what you want to learn just isn’t sticking, you’re probably making one (or all) of these three mistakes:

1) You’re not using your memory the right way.

2) You’re not structuring your learning correctly.

3) You’re not following a system that treats learning as a skill and improves it.

Sound familiar?

Keep reading, and I’ll show you how you can solve all 3 of these problems…

How I Came Up With a System For Dramatically Improving Your Learning Skills…

Hey, my name is Ace. These days, I live a comfortable lifestyle in a beautiful city by the beach.

I’ve spent the last decade learning everything there is to know about learning and memory.

My lifestyle is pretty laid back - I work remotely, raise guinea pigs and travel when it suits me.

Here’s a picture of me in Utah’s beautiful Mt. Zion National Park when I decided to check it out for my birthday:

Ace in Mt. Zion National Park

But I didn’t get here overnight. I had to struggle and fight the good fight for years to acquire the knowledge and skills I needed to escape poverty and desperation.

In fact, I barely graduated high school and, at my lowest point, cleaned toilets for a living.

You know you’re not doing well in life when you have literal shit on your shoes at the end of the day!

By the time I was in my early twenties, I was ready to surrender to a feeling of utter hopelessness forever…

My life was pretty much what you’d expect from a deadbeat without a college degree.

I woke up before the sun.

I worked demanding jobs that paid barely enough to cover my bills.

And in my off time, I partied hard so that I could spend at least a small portion of my day not thinking about how shitty my life was.

In other words: my life was headed nowhere fast.

Then, shortly after I turned 21, I went through one of the hardest periods of my life.

I crashed my car.

Lost my job.

Lost my apartment.

Spent all my savings.

And, to top it all off, a close family friend died of cancer.

All of this happened over the course of a single summer. That’s right – my life completely cratered within 3 months, at the ripe old age of 21.

Crash test dummy simulating my life at 21

For a while, I floated around, trying to make sense of how everything had gotten so bad, so quickly.

What I realized was that I had been living with a level of ignorance that was, to be brutally honest, shameful.

School had never been a placed I cared about, and I didn’t take learning new things seriously.

After this revelation struck me, I decided to go back to the drawing board and figure out how I could at least start to solve this massive problem.

I came up with a plan, and dedicated myself to learning how to learn.

Amazon became my new best friend, as I started ordering books like crazy, trying to sort through reams of information about learning, memory and anything else that might help me.

I took it upon myself to test out everything I learned by turning my life around and picking up high-value skills. Cleaning toilets sucks, and I had done it enough!

Since that first learning project started, I’ve managed to make money doing the following:

- Trading options in seven-figure accounts

- Building APIs as a software engineer

- Running seven-figure marketing campaigns

Want to start carving your own path?

You need to get your learning skills as sharp as a samurai blade.

Here’s where the good news comes in: The most valuable information from my journey is now available in 3 books.

The 52 Aces Memory Mastery eBook Bundle gives you everything you need to be smarter, faster and wiser.

Memory Mastery eBook Bundle covers

Inside this powerful package, you’ll find everything you need to become a lean, mean learning machine.

A System Built For You

You might be asking yourself, “Why would I care about mastering my memory?”

That’s a good question, with a clear answer: because knowing how to use your memory is the single most important piece of the learning puzzle.

Without understanding memory, you can’t hold onto what you’ve learned – meaning that you’ll waste TONS of time!

That’s why I’ve put together this comprehensive, yet approachable, set of books that will guide you from the simple to the advanced.

You’re a busy person who doesn’t have time to learn all the ins-and-outs of neuroscience, cognitive science and psychology.

That’s why these books distill all the most rigorous scientific work out there into plain English that you can pick up and apply on the very first day.

They’re designed to be read in a specific order, from simple to advanced:

A Quick Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions About Learning and Memory eBook cover

The first book you’ll get, Frequently Asked Questions About Learning & Memory, is a quick (around 40 pages), easy-to-understand introduction to the subjects of learning and memory.

It’s a compilation of answers to common questions people ask about what’s going on in your skull when you take in information–written in plain English.

This book is the first step in your learning and memory journey.

It’s a quick read that covers the basics of learning and memory in an easy-to-digest “question and answer” format that anyone, no matter what age, can understand and make use of.

Once you’ve breezed through the gems in this small book, you’re ready to go deeper and start learning more about how memory works at a fundamental level.

Master the Fundamentals!

Memory Fundamentals eBook cover

The second book you’ll read, Memory Fundamentals, is an exploration of the most important concepts in the world of memory.

It’s about 80 pages of easy-to-understand explanations.

In this book, you’ll learn how your brain takes in information, turns it into memories and then pulls those memories out later.

By using analogies, vivid imagery and concrete examples to highlight and expand on these principles, you’ll have a strong base for understanding how your memory works.

Here’s where your learning and memory skills will really start to build.

After you read this, you’ll have enough knowledge to jump into my complete learning system: The Learning Factory.

A Complete Learning System!

The Learning Factory eBook cover

The crown jewel of this bundle is The Learning Factory, a complete system for learning and memory optimization that is the result of years of effort on my part.

This book is over 150 pages of no-bullshit, science-backed knowledge.

Even better: it’s an instruction manual for how to build a complete learning system that allows you to learn at warp speed and remember what you’ve learned.

After you read this book and start using the methods for retention that I outline, you’ll never have to re-read a book, take copious notes or worry about forgetting what you read EVER AGAIN.

By combining the knowledge contained in this book (and the other two books in the bundle) with science-based techniques like retrieval practice and spaced repetition flashcards, you will become a lean, mean learning machine!

Following the “easy-to-understand” theme, the whole system is outlined as a “factory” where information goes in and is transformed into strong, easy-to-recall memories that you’ll have for life.

If you simply follow along with the system and follow the instructions I’ve laid out, you’ll transform your learning and memory skills for the rest of your life.

The Optimal Approach to Learning

As you can see, there’s a system to the structure of these books: you start out simple, then move into more complex subjects.

Once you’ve gone through this progression, you’ll be ready to tackle any learning challenge placed in front of you.

I’ve personally used this system to pick up new skills that translated into real (six-figure) paychecks.

And I’m confident that if an average, toilet-cleaning former deadbeat like me can do it, then anybody can.

It’s just a matter of using the right system.

What You’ll Get

Memory Mastery eBook Bundle covers

What You WON’T Get

Scammy bullshit eBook covers

Saving You a Glacier-Sized Chunk of Time and Money

If you want to get better at learning, here are your options:

1) Figure it out on your own.

2) Leverage what other people (like me) have learned.

Let’s explore option 1, shall we?

For starters, you’ll need to read a mountain of books, studies and articles. Time-wise, we’re talking about at least a 2 years worth of reading.

The assumption there is that you A) have a ton of time to spare to read all that, and B) can take the time to properly digest it all and not just try to cram it all in your head at high speed (which doesn’t work very well at all).

Not only that, you’d need to spend who-knows-how-long just trying to determine what’s worth absorbing and what isn’t.

One of my biggest frustrations was trying to claw through all the garbage that’s being peddled by scam artists – something you’d have to figure out on your own as well.

Then we need to factor in how much access to all that material costs. It’s not an exaggeration to say you’d be dropping at least $5,000.

And that’s a conservative estimate.


You could pick up this bundle for FREE, waste zero time, and have everything you need to start your journey towards becoming a learning master.

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